Diamond Description and Inclusions:

  • Diamond – Brilliant Round Cut
  • 9mm x 5.7mm (measured with Jewellery Calliper
  • Carat weight using SG – 2.92 Carats
  • Adamantine Lustre
  • No observable tint with loupe or natural light
  • medium sized girdle with two chips – one possible cutter’s mark
  • sharp facets on table and pavilion
  • Depth percentage 63%


  • Crystals on Girdle
  • Possible cutter’s mark on girdle looks like fingerprint sitting under table
  • Chip on edge of girdle /pavilion
  • Small nicks on cutlet
  • Small inclusions that glint under microscope x40<
  • Wholesaler’s nicks on back of pavilion
  • Small inclusion cloud seen with 10x loupe

Reference photos

possible cutter’s mark