2024-C-a-tint-of-yellow-129 – Diamond Inventory Report

Diamond Description and Inclusions

  • Diamond – Brilliant Round Cut
  • 8.9mm x 5.7mm (measurement with jewellery calliper)
  • Carat weight using SG – 2.86 Carats
  • Adamantine lustre
  • Colourless under natural light with eye observation but under 10x loupe the stone shows a tint of yellow on one section of the stone.
  • Medium sized girdle
  • Sharp facets on table and pavillion
  • Depth percentage 64%


  • Crystals on Girdle
  • Cutter mark on girdle (seen on four or five stones in current inventory) the chip is set below the table like a fingerprint mark. Because of the consistency of the location and size, the mark is not considered an accident or natural inclusion but a cutter’s identification mark. No current information on the diamond cutter since the stone was not directly purchased from diamond designer/cutter.
  • Nicks on Cutlet.
  • Wholesaler’s marks on pavilion facets. These marks appear on a large percentage of inventory. The marks are seen clearly under 10x loupe.
  • Small nicks on girdle.
  • small crystals on girdle.
  • Small feathers seen under 1000k loupe but not 10x loupe.
  • Small inclusions that glint under microscope may be causing the yellow tint.

Reference Photos of 2024-129:

inclusions under 1000x
small inclusions under 1000x