Reports for Personal Assets and Investment Provenance

Richmond Thames is currently working on a Proof of concept for personal Inventory. As part of our business model, we research valuations of personal investments assets which are listed as a personal asset so they can be kept in inventory for investment and financial leveraging.

Richmond Thames will research, document and begin the provenance for fine art pieces, collectibles, jewellery and gemstones.

Asset Description and Valuation

Richmond Thames researches the fair market value of each asset and starts the chain of provenance. Focusing in the areas of fine art, jewellery and intellectual property, we research each item and create a detailed report for the asset which is kept on file for clients to review and share with accountants, lawyers, buyers, lenders and auction houses.

With more than a decade of experience researching intellectual property, art and collectibles, we have the expertise needed to create a fair and comprehensive report. | Trefuly LTD is based in the United Kingdom

Richmond Thames values assets in the European Union but will work with experts in other regions to complete an assessment of your assets.

European Asset Inventories

Current Areas of Asset Valuation and Initial Provenance for Financial Investment Records

Artwork – Oil paintings, fine art purchased through art fairs/art shows/art exhibitions. Artwork purchased directly from European artists who are still living and working in Europe.

Jewellery and Gemstones – Detailed descriptions of jewellery pieces and loose gemstones without the use of destructive testing. Provenance for jewellery art pieces to be used for insurance and financial asset inventories. For gemstones, we provide a grading report and a detailed image of the gem for insurance and investment portfolios. Our diamond report follows industry standards and provides a detailed description of the diamond, a drawing of the diamond’s inclusions and establishes the beginning of the gem’s provenance. For unset gems, Richmond Thames takes detailed photographs in the presence of the owner to prove the provenance of the stone being documented.

Example of artwork inventory. Artist Storey Tarris UK – Digital art piece created 2024