Welcome to Richmond Thames. We are located near London in the United Kingdom.

Richmond Thames UK

Richmond Thames is part of Trefuly LTD and Firmsme.com. If you are a client and do not know your inventory number or your login password, please contact us.


  • Richmond Thames is part of Trefuly LTD.
  • Our company was founded in Scotland UK
  • We are a European focused business.
  • The name Richmond Thames comes from the Park Richmond Park (London) and the River Thames (London)

By Trefuly LTD

This domain is owned by Trefuly LTD.

Richmond Thames is a fintech business model at the POC stage. The current use of this site is as a location to store asset inventory lists.

Examples of a Digital Asset – Fine Art Photography by Storey Tarris UK – An Art Asset

The Richmond Thames business model is focused on individual investors who need to keep track of their personal investments/ ownership rights outside of the securities market. Examples of assets that may be in an inventory list are:

  • Fine Art
  • Collectibles
  • Real Estate
  • Commodities held by clients
  • Corporate interest documentation agreements / partnership paperwork
  • Digital Asset ownership